Why You Should Choose Natural Stone Worktops

When designing your kitchen space you may wish to keep it trendy and follow the current styles, but when selecting permanent fixtures such as worktops it is important to opt for something that will stand the test of time.  If you are looking for a high quality, beautiful looking worktop that will not only be durable, but offer practicality and eco-friendly benefits as well, chances are you are considering a natural stone such as marble, granite or quartz.  Discussed below are some of the main benefits associated with choosing a natural stone for the worktops in your home.

The Variety of Finishes

Using a natural stone material for worktops offers homeowners a rather large variety. Stone materials suitable for countertops include granite, marble, and quartz which makes for a lot to choose from. Each type of stone has its own unique qualities, and within that every slab is different. This makes a natural stone slab similar to a snowflake in the way no two are exactly alike.

They’re Easily Maintained

Maintaining natural stone worktops is relatively easy and they remain attractive looking for a very long time if maintenance is kept up properly. When it comes to caring for stone it is important to wipe up any spills immediately and to only ever use gentle cleaning products. Never use anything abrasive on your stone counters. The most important part of caring for your natural stone is to have it properly sealed immediately after installation as this will prevent staining and offer protection.


For the environmentally aware homeowner, natural stone is a great option. Natural stone doesn’t deteriorate and break down the way synthetic man made materials do, which means they don’t eventually end up in landfills.  The life span of a stone worktop is exponentially longer than that of man made varieties, which is better for the environment but in addition to that, natural stone can be reused in many fashions making it a much more eco friendly option.

A Worthwhile Investment

It is a popular misconception that stone worktops are expensive but this is not the case. When you consider factors such as the value it adds to your home, the pleasure you’ll get from having a beautiful product in your home and the longevity and durability it offers, it becomes evident that natural stone worktops are indeed a good investment. Materials that are more inexpensive to purchase need replacing every few years and do not look or perform the way stone materials do.

Whatever type of stone worktop you choose for your kitchen, considering natural stone will bring a natural, eco friendly and durable feel to your home design.

Natural Stone Worktop

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