What are the key differences between granite and quartz worktops?

When it comes to choosing the worktops for you kitchen or bathroom, there can be no doubt that granite and quartz offer simply the most stunning and elegant finishing touches.

The fundamental difference between quartz worktops and granite worktops is that granite is natural, whereas quartz worktops are man-made. Granite is mined in great slabs from the earth that are then shaped a polished to be used as counter tops. While quartz is a natural rock, it is blended with resin and manufactured into work tops.

The starting points of these two stunning countertops makes for the basis of other differences between the two materials. While everyone has their own preferences, Mister Marble have compared the two types of worktops so that you can make your own mind up about which one is for you.

Strength and durability

Both granite and quartz countertops are renowned for their durability, which is just one of the reasons they are so popular. They are both pretty much equal in this departments with them both being incredibly strong and resilient. If anything, quartz slightly has the upper hand as it is slightly more flexible so can withstand pressure slightly better. However, they are both susceptible to damage from impacts from heavy objects if not maintained well.

Keeping up appearances

It is often said that granite and quartz tops never get stained which is not technically true. Granite countertops must be sealed on a yearly basis to prevent damage and staining from liquids, oils and powder. Granite is a porous rock and so will soak up these things if not sealed properly. Quartz worktops are sealed during manufacturing and never need retreatment, giving them the upper hand here. However, quartz worktops will fade and discolour after long periods of time in the sunlight.


As granite is mined in slabs, unless you are looking for a small square counter top you will have to join multiple pieces together. Unfortunately, it is impossible to disguise the joining seams in granite due to the individuality of every piece of the mined material. Quartz worktops however can hide their seams much better. While you may still see them if you are really looking, the joins are much less obvious than those formed when creating granite worktops.


When it comes to looks alone; both granite and quartz countertops are visually stunning. Quartz counters come in a range of colours and patterns which will match and flow when put together. Each piece of granite mined from the earth is individual and unique, which to many is one of its biggest charms. There is no right answer when it comes to which is better looking as this is a completely personal choice.

Both quartz and granite worktops are similar in price so the choice all comes down to which one you prefer. There are many strong arguments for both and there are plenty of passionate pleas for both sides of the debate. But when it comes to quartz vs granite; the only winner is you who gets to enjoy the luxury of a high quality, elegant kitchen or bathroom worktop no matter which one you choose.

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