Is quartz the new granite?

Which is better? Quartz or granite? This question crops up more and more, because we have both, we can give you our unbiased thoughts on the matter. With the new generations of quartz products, the sky is the limit with regards to colour, literally millions of colour combinations can be created easily, plain colours being the easiest to create. When it comes to patterned colours quartz is good but has a long way to catch up in creating patterns suitable for the customer. Granite has literally thousands of colours and thousands of patterns, so with regards to colour and patternation beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What about stains? Many of the darker granites are almost impervious to any liquid stains whilst quartz is ver similar, in fact possibly slightly better, so whichever you choose, both will be perfect in the kitchen. Granite or quartz, we reccommend you go with the colour that suits you most. Both will be a fantastic addition to your kitchen and will look great for years to


pure white quartz

pure white quartz

absolute black

absolute black granite


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