What Makes Star Galaxy Granite Worktops So Appealing?

Star Galaxy was first mined around 1982, and is sourced exclusively from the Star Galaxy Granite quarries in Chimakurthi, which is located a short distance from Ongole in Andra Pradesh, South India. The global demand for this beautiful granite has steadily increased over the years, resulting in the opening of more granite mines in the area. At the present time it is estimated that around 37000 people are employed by companies who mine and process star galaxy granite.


The popularity of this granite is well founded, it is possessed of a natural beauty that few other granites can approach. Its popularity in the UK is also perhaps bolstered by the fact that the granite is predominantly black, and black worktops are by far the UK’s most popular choice.

The copper flecks in Star Galaxy granite are divalent iron bronzite shards, and the size of these flecks does vary from mine to mine. In fact it is these copper flecks that give star galaxy it’s huge appeal, they shimmer in the light and look particularly attractive under the dimmed light of a dinner party.

When mined, granite is sorted according to a quality score, Q1 granite is of the finest quality available and has no visible veins (fissures in the stone). A Q2 rating is given to granite which has a small number of veins visible, but is generally sound. Q3 rating is the classification given to granite that has more than two visible veins.

Many worktop manufacturers are happy to source Q2 and even Q3 granite for the production of their worktops, they then use epoxy resin to backfill the veins and in doing so increase their profit margins since Q2 granite is far cheaper to buy than Q1 granite.

At Mistermarble we source only Q1 granite, we know that the lifespan of epoxy backfill is far lower than that of the Granite worktop itself. Over time the epoxy will discolour, shrink, or crack, and we think our customers deserve better. Because we import our premium granite in bulk, we are able to supply top quality worktops made only from the very best materials at a better price than some other companies who supply Q2 and Q3 grade granite worktops.

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