How to keep your granite and quartz worktops clean

Nothing makes you feel more satisfied than a kitchen that is gleaming clean and looking fresh. However much you dislike the actual process of cleaning, the feeling of achievement once it’s done is lovely to enjoy.

Many people choose to have granite worktops or quartz worktops in their bathrooms and kitchens simply because of their reputation of being very low maintenance. At Mister Marble, we hear many of our customers’ positive feedback about how hassle free their new granite and quartz worktops are to keep clean and in great condition.

As easy as they are to keep clean, there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to cleaning your new worktops. Here are some tips to keep your quartz and granite tops looking their best.

Light cleaning

With granite and quartz worktops, most of the time you will get away with just a light clean with warm soapy water and a cloth. Granite and quartz worktops will already have been sealed so most dirt and grime will be easy to wipe off. It is recommended, especially with highly polished quartz and granite to use a dry micro fibre cloth to wipe up any excess water so as not to leave water marks. This will also really bring out the shine of your worktop.

For more stubborn dirt

Some stains in the kitchen and bathroom can be a little more stubborn and require more than a quick wipe. Due to their resilience, granite and quartz can be cleaned with most household cleaning products and a soft scouring brush. Granite, in particular, can be a little more porous so may need this extra scrub but there are specific granite cleaning products available to buy fairly easily. The trick is getting to the stain quickly for the easiest removal.

The “don’ts”

While granite and quartz are very touch and hard wearing materials for your kitchen and bathroom surfaces, there are certain products which simply should never be used on them. Anything which has a very high or very low pH level should not come into contact with your worktops. For example, paint stripper or concentrated bleach. These types of chemicals will stain your work tops and you won’t be able to get it out. They will also strip the sealant from your worktops too making them much more prone to further staining. Also try to avoid using abrasive cleaning pads on your worktops too to avoid scratching them.

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